Up about normal after a decent night’s sleep…. muddling about for almost 3 hours before my bride came stumbling out. She obviously needed the sleep, while I equally enjoy my ‘quiet’ time while she sleeps. Her sleeping in eat up most of the morning, and by the time it was time for ‘breakfast’ – it was almost noon and we decided to just skip eating and wait to go up to Blues for an early dinner. I had been trying to talk myself out of having to go up to the WAPA office to beef about my over charge of my electric bill – but finally relegated myself to the task. I packed up everything I thought I’d need to debate my electric bill and headed out the door…… only to turn the key in the ignition on DD and be greeted with absolute silence. DAMMIT EMMIT~! No clicks, whirrs, grrr’s or anything to indicate it was even going to try and start. We get an inordinate amount of salt on the truck due to it’s parked location… and I thought…. dammit – the salt has got to it…. so I pulled off the battery connections, ground and polished everything back to factory settings – put the clamps back on and tightened them to plumbers settings (tighten it as absolutely tight as you physically can, then go one more turn)  😉  Turned the key – and NADDA~! SH*T~! I Commandeered a friendly in the parking lot to try and give me a jump – that turned out to be useless…… next step – getting help. I can do many, many things…. probably more than your average ‘man’…. but the one place I do not excel – and I am not afraid to say it – is mechanic’ing’….. Never have liked it, never been worth a crap at it. I can do the basic’s…. but outside of that – just not my gig. So an hour or so and a half a dozen phone calls later…. DD was hooked to a tow truck and hauled off to the garage…… just what we need at this point. DAMMIT EMMIT~! I waited for the phone call that said it was just a bum battery….. but NOOOooooo….. battery is fine…..now they need to do diagnostic’s…. Gee…. I can’t hardly wait for this diagnosis……..

So – finally into my ‘comfy’s’….. a bite to eat (even though it wasn’t Blues) and here we be……. On a lighter note – I did wake up to a couple of new turtle diggings this morning~! So we might get to have some babies yet this year~!! For now – I’m gonna head back to the couch for more of The Practice and hope this nasty feeling in my chest is just stress from a really messed up kinda day…… It’s not the same feeling I had ‘before’ so I’m not worried about it….yet.

Hopefully tomorrow brings good news about the truck and I can get my running done and then argue with the good folks at WAPA.

Happy Birthday to my Deuce~! Love ya Buddy~!

Good Night Ya’ll ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Thankx for stopping in~!

This is apparently one of the smaller sets of tracks I’ve seen
as well as a small nest… I’m guesstimating probably 125 lbs….
Going back to the Sea

This one was considerably bigger – probably 250 Lbs

Our beach is starting to look like a war zone…..

Waves at dusk
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