A slightly better nights sleep, but up early again to help a friend haul some concrete. One of the joys of owning a truck….. even on the island (maybe especially living on the island because everybody mostly drives Jeeps or little cars) So you’re always gonna be popular, whether you want to be or not. Anyhow – I met him up at the Home Depot a little before 08:00. He said he needed 30 bags – at 45 lbs a bag that would have been close to 1400 lbs. That’s a lot for my little truck, but I thought it could handle it. Turns out they were 60 lb bags and the yay-hoo on the fork truck was bound determined to get them all on there. No….NO…NONO~!!! I finally wound up yelling at him to keep him from blowing out my back tires and shocks….. So we had to hand unload half of the pallet into the truck and I wound up having to make 2 trips to get them all hauled. Luckily, where they were being dropped wasn’t very far away and I was soon finished with the hauling and headed back to the condo

We had the volunteer appreciation dinner up at Blues last night with a decent turn out. Everybody had a good time, the food was delicious as always and pretty much everybody stayed until almost closing time. The band knocked it out of the park with music, so there was dancing….. even when a sudden down pour tried to put a damper on the party – a very good time in deed as Fish With A Vet USVI showed our appreciation for the help from our volunteers.

After I got home this morning – we had breakfast and spent the rest of the day watching The Practice. Also watching the Sea starting to reclaim some of that pile of Sargassum on our beach. I’m glad because when the wind lays down, that stuff has a powerful smell to it that can be really hard to take. It is also kind of neat to watch it being drug back out to sea.

I have a Board meeting for the CRABBS dive club tomorrow out on the West end of the island. We usually do a dive as a group before the meeting. I plan on making that dive as well as long as the weather is decent. Tropical StormĀ  Dorian is stirring up some commotion out in the Atlantic and we are kind of in it’s path – so we have been getting some pop up weather from out in front of it. I think it’s supposed to pass by us Tuesday or Wednesday. Should make for some great pictures if it gets close enough~! Here are the rest of the dive pictures from the other day…. Hopefully I get to dive tomorrow and get you some more pics~!

Good Night Ya’ll # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Thankx for stopping in~!

Rainbow Parrot fish
LOTS of fish~!
Spotted Eel — see him ?
Small school of big eyed Solider fish
Trumpet Fish
Sand Digger
Barrel Sponge
Blue headed Trumpet fish
Nurse shark
Nurse shark
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