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After a particularly rough night last night I stumbled out this morning with getting no where near ‘sleeping in’. Shutting down Blues last night probably didn’t help – but I really wasn’t in that bad of shape. I made me a salad after we got home last night – and trying to use up the last of one bottle of salad dressing – I think maybe I should have opted for the newer bottle, as I think the remnants of that last one may have been a tad sketchy~~ Whatever it was, woke me up about 2:30 in the morning and I spent entirely too much time sitting on the throne working out the issue……. finally got back in bed around 3:00 only to be woken up again around 6:00 for the same reason…… lesson learned….. don’t try to salvage the last of the dressing in an old bottle….. especially when here on the island when it’s almost expired when you buy it~! That all finally “worked out” – I headed out to meet our friends on the West end of the island at The Pier. I spent the next couple of hours taking pictures of 3 of my friends as they prepped and eventually made their first SCUBA dive~! Well…. 2 of them did – one of them just could not bring themselves to breathe under water…. but at least they tried~! Absolutely no shame in saying “Nope – not for me”. The other 2, Dave & Liz, took right to it and we got to spend almost an hour swimming around under the pier looking at all the wonderful sea life down there.

We finally came back to the bank, exhilarated and tired. We put the gear up and headed for a local eatery for drinks, eats and some great conversation. As fun as it is diving – it makes it so much more enjoyable when you get to spend some time with the folks you dove with, enjoying a bite to eat – a cold drink and talking about your experience. Being on a gorgeous beach on a tropical island doesn’t hurt any either~! We finally bid adieu and all took off. I came back, cleaned my gear and sat down to upload the pictures I took, as I knew our friends were anxious to see them. I have already shared them on FB so they could ‘steal’ them and share with their kids and families. Over the next several days – I’ll put them up here too.

We have big old rain clouds rolling through, teasing us with brief rain showers. Apparently supposed to get rained on the next several days….. we need it. This blazing hot sun down here doesn’t waste any time drying things out. That’s about it for me for today — got to get a shower and get the salt off me. Not sure what tomorrow brings… grocery shopping maybe~~

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * *  Thankx for stopping in~!

Downtown ocean front Frederiksted
Steps to the Caribbean
Sandy Point waaay off in the back ground

Paperwork & testing
Trying on gear

Some of or local visitors

Dave Trying on his BCD (Buoyancy Compensation Device)

LizJeanette suiting up

My Queen

Gettin wet~!
Getting floaty 🙂
view from underneath
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