Memorial Day

Woke up to some seriously ominous looking clouds this morning and tell tale signs of an earlier rain shower. Revised forecasts pretty much all say now – we have rain forecasted for the rest of the week. Goodness knows the island needs it. Even so, I gathered up my gear and headed for the West end of the island looking forward to a dive, even if I didn’t get any pictures. Between heavy gray clouds (no sunlight) and still don’t have a new filter for my camera – I figured picture taking wasn’t going to be any good any way – but was looking forward to making a dive and spending some time under water. My Queen opted to stay at the condo and ravish whatever gets ravished in the God of War game she is playing. Due to Memorial Day activities on that end of the island and several other events going on – I had to park a couple of [small] blocks from the dive site and make that hike in full gear…… but finally got over there and met up with everybody and finally got to make that leap into that beautiful blue water. The dive turned out to be much, much better than I was hoping for. As it turns out I got some fairly decent pictures, even without my Magenta filter….. I can only image what my shots would have looked like with that filter~! As it turns out – I got my 9th filter in the mail today (yes – on a holiday) and wouldn’t you know it— it is not the right one either….. times like this I really hate Amazon~! Now I have to send them all back and STILL don’t have a filter. I went to the GoPro web site – and they don’t sell them….. Go Figure~~!

Back at the condo – I got the pictures loaded and then settled in for a couple of episodes of Burn Notice. I like that show more and more and I think Angie is starting to warm up to it now. We have seen several characters from Covert Affairs starring in some episodes…. so I guess once your cast as a spy – it kind of sticks with you.  😉

Still heavy clouds as the sun sank below the horizon. Not a lot on the schedule for this coming week. I left my gear at the dive shop for it’s ‘annual inspection’ so no more diving for me for a bit — I need to get some silicone for DD as she has managed to develop a nasty leak around the windshield – that popped up this morning on my drive to the West end….. outside of that – looks to be a relatively calm week….. maybe~~  😉

Good Night Ya’ll > > >> > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

Saw a turtle right off the bat as we started out dive

Lots of pretty growth on the pier
Looking up at the pier from about 25′ under water
Urchin right in middle of picture
Bait ball
Smooth trunk fish
See him ?? He is in the next 2 pictures as well [hint: look for his eye balls]

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