Tally Ho~!

Not sure what brought on that greeting – but it popped into my head just as I started writing~~~ It’s weird and wonderful [and sometimes scary] the things that bounce around in my head sometimes….. would probably make a pretty interesting movie~!

Another couple of days of painting up at Blues….. we wrapped up at ‘opening’ time yesterday, had a couple of drinks and then took off across island to pick up some more paint. While Angie did that – I sat in the Social Security office with my packet of paperwork, patiently waiting my turn at the window. The whole experience turned out to be actually a lot better than I expected. The whole thing only took an hour – which is down right friggin’ amazing for island time – and as far I as know – I am now qualified to draw my Social Security~! Oh Yay happy day. Supposed to get my first check on or about the 2nd of May~! When that happens – for the first time since we retired (May 2017) – we will be bringing in almost as much as we’re currently putting out…. almost! Which means the savings we’re currently drawing right now to make up income differences – should almost come to a stop – almost. We ran up a couple of credit cards during our first 4 months here to get by – and soon as I get them paid off again – we should in pretty good shape~! Lots of if’s , and almosts – but I’m excited. With more paint in hand and paperwork all taken care of – we stopped back at Blues for some lunch and drinks. One of the lunch specials was a Blues Coney Dog….. my goodness – a Quarter pound hot dog topped with shredded pork, onions, sauerkraut and cheese……Woooo-Dogggy~! Now that was a sammich~!! We hung out until about 3:00 when we had to get home, get a shower and head out to the East end to a friends house who had invited us for a big dinner. We arrived promptly at 6:00 and had a wonderful big Italian dinner. Drinks afterwards with some real good folks. Bellies full and another day of painting waiting on us, we finally made the 30 minute drive back to the condo. It was well after 10:00 by the time we got here – and I was just too full and too tired to try and write anything ….. so I hope you understand~ I didn’t even get on FB………..

Up again early this morning to resume painting. I started my day off up there by filling DD up to the brim with junk that Jim wanted hauled off. In hind sight – I guess I should have taken a picture of the truck loaded up like that. I looked like Fred Sanford pulling out of there. Wound up having to take it all the over to next to the airport to get rid of it – but got ‘er done. Came back and went right into painting. Slowly but surely working our way around the yard. Taking a lot more time to get it done than I thought – but when you can only work 3 hours or so a day – it ain’t gonna be quick – but it’s sure gonna be pretty~! Gonna sign off and try and get into bed early for another early day tomorrow.

Good Night Ya’ll . . . . . . . Thankx for stopping in~!

Blues Coney Dog~!! MmMmMmm Good~!
Our view from where we had Dinner
Green cay in the background
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