First full day on St. Thomas

Not to be the type to set idlily by, I had a tour booked for us for our first full day on the isalnd. In my infinite wisdom…… I booked a kayak tour to “swim with the turtles”….. Sounded like a good time – it promised swimming with turtles and a hot lunch on the beach. What more could you ask for ??? I learned a long time ago, my Queen does not paddle… speaking of course of kayaks and boats and such….. which I was good with. Being the ‘manly man’ I am – I happily would propel us through whatever water was required. We arrived promptly at 09:45 as instructed for a 1.5 mile kayak to a beach that promised swimming with turtles. First off, I want to say – the dude (Sven) wouldn’t know a mile and a half if it walked up and bit him in the ass~!  It wasn’t a mile and half as the crows flies, let alone that path he led us on…….. but again, I digress. After kayaking through what I considered some pretty vicious ocean waves for 3 miles if it was an inch —– we arrived at Honey Moon beach on Water Island ( the 4th lesser known of the U.S. Virgin Islands) At this point, I want to say – google that $hit and see how far it is…… but again, I digress. Arriving at a beautiful little beach, we baled from our kayaks and spent an hour or better in that beautiful blue water. We did indeed get to see some turtles. I managed several good shots and a video or two. Sadly, they are all long enough, you’ll probably have to go to FB to see them. We had a young couple on the tour with us (Curtis & Kathy) who were a real delight to share the experience with. After a tasty lunch of burgers and fish taco’s – we were ready to head back. I need to mention…. mid water transit – I received a text…… yes – mid Caribbean Sea text – from none other than our damn neighbors. As it turns out, they were less than happy with their current neighbors and folks they had to deal with their current location. For the sake of privacy and prosperity I won’t elaborate anymore on the rest of that conversation-  Besides I’m trying to keep this a PG rated post~~~  😉  Just let it be known…. we love and miss our Damn Neighbors~!!!

The paddle back from Honey Moon beach was MUCH less challenging as we had the wind at our back and didn’t duck into 12 different little coves for “breaks”. We bid our guide Adieu and headed back toward our resort. On the advice of a ‘Blues’ friend I wanted to stop by for a drink and a bite at a local establishment. The Twisted Cork.  Seri did her usual good job leading us down a path that I would not travel after dark without an impressive fire arm~! We got  there only to find it closed so we loaded back into our little Jeep Wrangler and jockeyed our way across some of the most awe inspiring mountain roads I have driven in a while……. some of them roads, mixed with local drivers, runs the whole ‘pucker factor’ WAY up there~!

Well crap- already over limit… so in a nut shell…. we stopped at Margaritaville after we got here and had a LOT more to drink than we should have… spent most of the evening with another fun couple, Danielle and Roberto [[a self proclaimed hillbilly from Ohio]] (( I know, right?)) – but they were a really fun couple and I hope we get to party at least one more time with them before we leave………

Tomorrow is gonna be EPIC~! (surprise for my Bride) Definitely check it out~!

Good night Ya’ll —– Thank for stopping in~!

Honey moon beach on Water Island USVI
My Perspective…..   🙁

Self proclaimed Hillbilly~~~~~Roberto…..   😉 
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