Another straggler and some sun and rain…..

Up after a mediocre night of sleep, rolling out to equal parts of sun and clouds. Yea- tis the rainy season in full swing here. Was out enjoying the first smoke of the day with my bride, enjoying a fairly decent breeze (which has been weirdly absent here of late) and watching the [now up to 10] pelicans out dive bombing in our little bay. A movement caught my eye on the beach that looked like a little turtle. I took off for the movement only to come upon one of the larger sand crabs [trying to] drag a hatchling turtle down into it’s hole. I had no idea sand crabs ate baby turtles but this one sure appeared to have this one on the menu. Thankfully the little turtle was slightly larger than the hole so the crab was having a hard time getting him down the entrance. I dug out enough sand to get a safe grip on the hatchling and pulled him and the crab (still holding on to him) out of the hole. As soon as the crab cleared the hole – he let loose and scrambled back into the hole. The hatchling didn’t look any the worse for wear, other than covered in sand, so I brought him up to the patio and rinsed him off in a bucket of rainwater that I had sitting out there. He was feisty and cute~! I took several pictures of him and then walked him out to the surf to let him begin his journey. The surf gave him a good toss – but he finally made his way out past the first breaker and was gone. I suspicion he was left over from the nest my bride was looking out for last night and I’m happy we could assist yet another one of the little dudes on their way. We spent every cigarette break afterward scanning that whole section of the beach for more stragglers – but he apparently was it.

Remaining time was spent on breakfast, NYPD Blues and me doing some more book studying on my next certification. Yessir – there is a LOT more to this course than I bargained for – but staying at it and applying my old worn our brain the best I can. I am now exactly half way through the 208 pages [first] book. Been learning some good stuff that will help me in whatever SCUBA diving career I have left – plus be better equipped to help any other divers in trouble.

Was invited to Breezez restaurant by some of the crew from Blues. Blues is closed for the next couple of weeks, so we are all looking for a place to hang out until they open back up. Breezes is nice – nicer view, but it just ain’t Blues. We hung out, had some appetizers and some drinks and were gone by around 19:00 (7:00pm for all you civilians out there). Again, food wasn’t terrible, drinks weren’t terrible or grossly  over priced and our server was cute and mostly attentive…… but again – it wasn’t Blues~~

Came home to find the A/C on the fritz — gee, I can’t wait to try and find someone on the island to work on it, let alone what it will cost….. looks like it’s gonna be a long toasty night here for us……………………

Good night Ya’ll —— Thankx for stopping in~!

(CRABBS club meeting tomorrow night, so not sure I’ll get anything put up here tomorrow night or not)

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