Laundry, ears lowered and meeting………

Yesterday was a Hodge-podge of different things….. typical start to the day with smokes and breakfast….. a couple episodes of Blue Bloods and some random crap. We finally got a little bit motivated and got up and gathered up all the dirty laundry including the beach towels we used while Rachael was here and I headed out. I dropped off the 2 big bags at the small laundry we use. From there I headed on into town to the barber shop. I was getting a bit ‘woolier’ than I care for. I swear – if I could get the hair on my neck to grow out the top of my head, I’d look like Bill Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys~! Got to the barber shop and it amazingly was empty. The elderly gentleman that cut my hair the last time was there and immediately motioned me into the chair. He started right in with minimal chatter after asking me what I wanted done. He hums while he does his work and it is actually pretty relaxing to listen to him. He stopped occasionally to walk to the door and hand out a dollar or two, to the people who knocked on the window and then went to the door to wait for him. I presume that is a daily ritual and admire the fact he helps as he can. He finished me up in fairly short order and asked if I wanted a shave. I let him shave me the last time there and I left with small droplets of blood oozing from several places, so I opted out of the shave this round. I paid him and padded my normal tip to him in hopes it helps him help others. People asking for hand outs are a pet peeve of mine, but I won’t go into this round…..

Went back and spent the afternoon with my queen and knocked out almost a full season of Blue Bloods. It got to be 5:00pm and I had a dive club meeting that afternoon, so we agreed, we’d go early and get a bite to eat first. We stopped and picked up our nice clean freshly folded laundry and headed on into town to the meeting place. My Queen had her a steak and I had a BLT with a Bacon/Cheddar crusted pretzel for an appetizer…. while each were tasty, none of it was noteworthy although the drinks were cold and tasty and the view was to die for. We listened to a group of folks regale us of a dive trip they took to the BVI (British Virgin Islands)  They shared intel about local dive shops, dive sites, etc.  It was interesting and [I think] would be a lot of fun if you had a group of friends you were comfortable enough to live aboard a boat for 6 days to go with. We hung out and chatted with some friends for a while after the meeting. They will be making a night dive at the same place I am tonight.

We finally came home and sat down on the couch to relax a bit……. next thing I  knew – it was way past 10:00 and I was ready for bed….. so I missed writing you all…. sorry about that…… I have a 2 tank dive this afternoon, with the second dive being a night dive. My first night dive. I’m a little bit scared and a lot excited~! Hopefully lots of fun new kind of pictures for you. It’s probably going to be late by the time I get home, and even later before I get pictures loaded…… so not entirely sure I will get anything posted tonight either…… so bear with me — I’ll get back into a rhythm again as soon as I can…..

Have a good afternoon Ya’ll —– Thankx for stopping in~!

Our view from dinner and meeting place last night – and the only picture I took yesterday~~

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