Beaches and Kayak’s…….

Rolled out this morning preparing for a day at the beach and an evening in a kayak for a Bioluminescent tour.  After sitting through a power outage for about 30 minutes…. we finally got some breakfast in us and headed out for the West end of the island, to close to Sandy Point. A little spot we found that has amazing visibility and really great snorkeling. Finally got near our spot only to find out they have locked up the gate we had to go through to get to it. We parked as close as we could and figured we would hoof it down the beach to get to it – but the sea surge was oddly rough, launching 4′ – 6′ waves onto a usually tranquil beach. We decided because of the waves and a distant thunderstorm, we would head north a bit to Frederiksted Fort beach. Loaded up and headed that way arriving after a quick minute drive. Waves were much calmer, but we were greeted with a huge lightening bolt followed almost immediately by a clap of the thunder. That’s all it took to run us away from there. My Queen recommended Buccaneer beach or Cramer beach, so we jumped back into DD and headed back East. A 40 minute drive and we were at the Buccaneer Resort at their beach……. massive swells have greatly rearranged that beach as well and was still being pummeled pretty good with big waves. I didn’t figure going on out to Cramer would get us any better beach, so we opted to stay there. Besides…. they have a bar and food there at Buccaneer.  Me and Rachael jumped into enjoy that wonderful water – although it was horribly stirred up from all of the waves. My bride tried to join us, but one big wave dropped her as she started in, and once she finally got stood up, she was done. Me and Rachael jumped and rode big waves for 30 minutes or so, before we decided to call it day in the water. We gathered our stuff and walked up to the bar for some liquid refreshments……. we opted to go elsewhere for food as they were strictly enforcing their no smoking policy. Struck me and the bartender as kind of odd, as we were just about the only ones on the beach…..  Grabbed our drinks and jumped into DD and headed into town. We stopped at a little Mexican place. Mom had soft taco’s, Rachael got some fries and nacho cheese – and I opted to try their Mexican pizza with beef. Everybody agreed the food was good and the drinks were cold and delicious. I was duly impressed with my pizza…. it didn’t taste anything like pizza – but very tasty none the less~ We finally came back to rinse the salt off and soak up some A/C before heading out for our kayak tour.

We arrived on time and spent the next 2 hours paddling around in a secluded bay watching the marvelous effects of the bioluminescent little critters. Dang it… already at my limit…. I’m going to leave you with this little snippet, for those of you unfamiliar with bioluminescent….. Sadly no pictures to share of it, because it was very dark – and unless you have some very high dollar camera equipment…. It’s almost impossible to get pictures of them little beggars.  ” Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. It is a form of chemiluminescence. Bioluminescence occurs widely in marine vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as in some fungi, microorganisms including some bioluminescent bacteria and terrestrial invertebrates such as fireflies. In some animals, the light is produced by symbiotic organisms such as Vibrio bacteria.

When you put your hand in the water and ‘swish’ it around – these little dudes light up….. your paddle in the water did the same thing….. It is fascinating to watch. I could have stayed out there all night~! ATV tour tomorrow~!

Good night Ya’ll —– Thankx for stopping in~!


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