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Last night after I had published my blog, I sat down with my Queen to enjoy an episode or two of Blue Bloods. We have recently started in on it and just completed season one. About ready for bed, I drank a small bottle of stuff Stephanie sent me to try and help with my sleeping issue. Supposed to take it a half hour before bed. Supposed to help you fall asleep quicker and sleep a little more soundly. We finished the last episode of season # 1 and my bride said she was headed for bed. I told her I would be in a bit as I was still waiting to get sleepy. We went out for a cigarette and low and behold – one of the shadows were moving. We have an almost full moon and seeing everything on the beach is a bit easier. The edge of a flash light beam confirmed we had another turtle doing her thing. Being recently much more educated on nesting habits of these beauties – I did not take a single picture of her [with a flash] hoping I had enough light from the almost full moon. I decided I would wait until she was heading back out to the water before I got a picture of her. I stood and watched her for a while (behind her, out of her line of sight). Angie announced she was going to go on to bed. I stood out there, for what turned into just over 2 hours, watching her. Standing there on that moon lit beach, that nice cool wind blowing……. almost like being on another planet. Thankx to the moonlight, I could watch almost every move she was making…. It was awesome~! What they do with their flippers is mind bending. After she got the hole big enough for her (they dig it deep enough, they are almost below ground level – she started in on the hole for her eggs. The way she used her back flippers was amazing. She would actually “stand up” getting her body at roughly a 50°+angle and lean on her back flippers to get down deep into the sand. The only thing I didn’t get to ‘see’ – was the actually laying of the eggs – I was afraid I would interrupt or bother her, so I kept my distance and watched. I could see her straining and working as she finally starting pushing out her eggs. Amazing~!! Finally finished, she spent the next 20 minutes or so making sure her eggs were buried and covered up. She crawled forward a bit and started digging again – I thought maybe she was going for a second dig – but abruptly turned and headed for the water. I think roots from the palm tree may have got in her way. As soon as she headed for the water, I walked around for a picture. I guess she didn’t want anything to do with me and took off. That is the fastest I have ever seen one of those turtles move. I am guesstimating she was 225 – 250 lbs. She went her way into the water and I came back in…. still not sleepy…. I finally crawled into bed about 01:00 and tossed and turned for 45 minutes before finally fading off into some much needed sleep.

Well dammit….. I’m already past my 500 words and just getting started. Rest of the day was movies, Blues and another gorgeous sunset…… maybe more on today, tomorrow – but I have a dive scheduled….. going to the West end to dive the pier with a bunch of other folks to pick up the trash the nasty people throw in the water along the big pier. Not sure if I’ll get pictures or not as it is a ‘working’ dive. A nice brunch scheduled for afterwards…….

Good night Ya’ll —– Thankx for stopping in~!

The back of our condo…..


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