BIG, big night and day………

Well that long peaceful uninterrupted night of sleep that I was hoping for last night didn’t happen…… but it was oh so worth it. My Bride roused me from a really good sleep a little before 01:00  this morning to say she thought we had a turtle on the beach.  I jumped out of bed and grabbed my camera and flash light. Oh what a treat we got when I lit up my flash light……. TWO turtles, less than 15′ off of our patio…… both laying eggs~! I tried my best not to disturb them while I took pictures and videos. At that time of the morning it was very dark – even with an almost full moon, so lighting left a lot to be desired, but I think I got some decent shots. 1 turtle was smaller, I’m guesstimating maybe a hundred pounds….. the other turtle was a dandy~! I am conservatively putting her at 300 lbs. – yes, I said 300 lbs. She was huge! and BEAUTIFUL~!! I just hope my pictures show her beauty and her size. We sat out there for well over an hour and watched those beautiful animals doing what they have been doing for countless years, all the while battling mosquitoes and other biting little insects doing what they have been doing for countless years…. worth every. single. bite~! After the turtles had both laid their eggs and trudged back into the sea…… we happily fell off back into a bite ridden, awe filled slumber.

06:00 rolled around all to soon as we rolled back out to head up to Blues. After an AWESOME night we were treated to another SPECTACULAR sunrise~!  My Queen was thankfully, feeling almost her regular self, so she made her a bite to eat and after coffee and waking up we headed up to Blues. We spent the next 3 hours doing odds and ends getting the place ready for the [hopefully] big day tomorrow. I filled DD up to the brim with old stoves and just a lot of other crap that needed hauled off to the local dump. That out of the way – I came back and we sat and had a couple of drinks and chatted about what is on the slate for tomorrow. After 3 or 4 drinks and a bite to eat for my Queen and a 6-pack for me….. we came back to the condo for some conditioned air and some much needed rest. Those 2 hour interruptions of sleep in the middle of the night require a little more effort during the day for us ‘older’ folks  😉  We just got good and comfortable, when I got a phone call from the title company working on our house sale. They ‘just sent’  22 pages of stuff that required a lot of signatures, so I spent the next hour or so, printing, signing, scanning and sending mucho documents, then jumping back into DD to get to the local FedEx office to get said documents in the mail (the title company has to have the hard copies as well). Nerves a bit tattered and worn out, finally back to the house to relax. Wasn’t an hour or so before we got a text from our realtor saying everything went smooth at closing and as of 16:00 Evansville time….. OUR HOUSE is officially  SOLD~!  Didn’t get quite as much as we would have liked out of it, but at least we are out from under it now and hopefully can take what we made on it and start to travel now to some of our Sister Islands~!  Woot-Woot~!!!!!

Needless to say we are drinking a little bit – but trying not to get stupid – as tomorrow promises to be a long, tough and hopefully, fun day~!

Good night Ya’ll ….. Thankx for stopping on~!


100 Lbs +

easy 300 Lbs~!

IMG_7005     <– Turtle video

Almost full moon through the palms

Another beautiful sunrise~!!

Turtle nest and tracks!

IMG_7026      <—– Sunrise video (turn volume up)

Blues Back Yard BBQ

Our condo is the white building on the lower right


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4 thoughts on “BIG, big night and day………”

  1. Brother! First off-Congrats on no longer being Hoosier home owners. Sure it’s a load off your minds. Awesome photos, totally, especially the nesting turtles. Hopefully most of the little buggers will make the water. Hope you have a GREAT day of Fishing With Vets and corn-hole. Keep the great photos coming. Glad to see you off your butt and doing some work this past week. Take care, Brother. Bro Rick

    1. Bro — so great to hear from you~!! Thank you for the kind words…. and yes… I am enjoying having something to do…. especially for such a great organization…. I joined them a couple of months ago and getting more and more into it. Wish you could have been to our event today…..awesome, awesome, awesome…. you would have loved it~! Huge success raising just over $ 1500.00 for the local vets. Would love to put you and your bride up for a bit and show off our beautiful island. You’re welcome anytime Brother……
      Great to hear from you~!

      1. Bro! I sent my daughter one of your photos of events in the early hours of the morning and she said you should keep an eye out at about 60 for the little buggers to come up out of the sand. Would love to see photos of them. Live Large, Bro!

        1. Bro – Have already checked out gestation times for these beauties….. and yea – 60 days…. Those were turtles # 5 & # 6 that we know of – so we should have little turtles popping out almost the whole month of October. Rest assured, if I can document it — I’ll be all over it and sharing with my “fans”.
          Take care Brother.

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