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Actually slept til 07:30 this morning and woke up not feeling like I’d been beaten for a change. Starting to suspect [but don’t really want to admit to] that sitting on the couch all day may be causing some of the aches and pains in the morning…….. that would just suck~! Especially since it’s so easy to do and I’m really good at it~! My Queen made us a small breakfast while I sat and paid bills and getting caught up on some of the more unpleasant and mundane things that sadly are still required, even living in a tropical paradise.

After dishes were finished up, we gathered up the laundry that needed done, and paperwork I thought we were gonna need and off we went. Dropped the laundry off at a new little place that we found, they are quick and very reasonably priced. We have found that for no more than this place charges, it is well worth it to let them do it (supporting local economy as well) especially when you factor in our time and effort to do it using the beat up ass machines in the laundry room~~ We dropped the laundry off and headed for where I suspected the BMV was here on the island. Managed to drive right to it, found a place to park and walked up and got in line. Not a lot of difference between the BMV here and the ones back in Indiana, except that you do most of your waiting outside, being called into the building and subsequently being sent back outside multiple times. Oh – and they tend to yell at you. Not sure what these folks are angry about, but felt like it was a little bit rude for them to take it out on the poor folks just trying to take care of some business. Any how….. called into the building 4 or 5 times, being yelled at 4 times, producing enough paperwork to get a passport [or enlist] and $ 90.00 later (cash only please),  my bride and now have out Virgin Islands drivers license~! With our Senior Citizens discount – our license’s were $ 35.00 a piece (would have been $70.00 a piece without discount) and $20 to get the truck registration corrected. Took about an hour and a half, which really isn’t terrible, especially for island time. Certainly am glad that is over and done with for the next 5 years~! Nerves being about 3/4 shot after that, we both agreed a drink or 6 was in order.

We stopped at Blues on the way back and soothed our nerves with ice cold refreshing adult beverages  😉 and tried our luck on the shake of the day (at almost $1000 now) After enough drinks to cool us off and calm our nerves – we headed back to the condo. Last week, one of the shows we watched was called Super Size Me.…. older documentary about a guy who ate nothing but McDonalds meals for 30 days -but still a lot more eye opening that I expected – but every since I watched it – I have had a nasty hankering for some Mickey D’s — so we decided to brave the notorious wait in line times one more time. My Queen ordered a Quarter pounder with cheese, small fries and an apple pie. I ordered a Filet-0-Fish, a double quarter pounder with cheese, small fries and an apple pie. Actually got everything we ordered and got it in just under 20 minutes, which is mind bending compared to the last couple visits…… probably because we got our VI license now.   😉

Good night Ya’ll — Thankx for stopping in~!

Jim ^

REALLY fresh chicken nuggets at this Mickey D’s~!!

and the sea weed continues to roll in  🙁

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