Ain’t no such thing……

I heard long ago, probably from my Dad – there are two things in this world there is no such thing as…… and that good shoveling and bad…. well, considering my audience – I’ll stop there….. After this morning…. I’m adding another ‘thing’….. post hole digging – admittedly though, that would probably fall into the shoveling category.

I got up shortly after 06:00 this morning after a very mediocre night’s sleep, greeted once again a beautiful sunrise. My Queen got up about the same time so I started the coffee and went out for a stretch and a smoke. I have recently started a small stretching routine during my morning nicotine fix — nothing fancy or exotic – just overall stretching of most muscles. I have found I don’t get quite as sore during the day doing that.  I have also started a regime of CBD oil – so I don’t know if it is the oil or the stretching or both – but I find myself feeling a little better at the end of my day. Today may have been an exception……. I got up to Blues shortly before 07:00 this morning and launched right into my fence project. I got the posts cut to size, positioning mapped out and started in digging post holes. I started in the place I expected to be the toughest to dig (right up against the trailer) because of the gravel in the area where the trailer sits. Tie me to an ant hill and smother my ears in jelly was I ever right….. wow~~ Turns out I had to get through approximately 10″ of packed chat and gravel to get to anything that even resembled dirt. I also discovered that I am considerably more out of shape than I ever imagined….. good grief….. The muscles (in my body) used for pile driving a post hole digger have not been used in a long time….. a very long time……. the energy needed to do that for a sustained time apparently escaped my body as well……. after this morning, I am starting to accept the fact that maybe the old gray mare [stallion] ain’t what he used to be….. and it sucks. While I may not do a lot to maintain myself….. and have no real expectations of ever being a Jack LeLaine (for those of you old enough to know who that is)…. I didn’t think I had shriveled up that bad……. I’m not sure if it is the age, out of shape – a blistering sun or a happy combination of all of them – but the end result SUCKS~! Maybe a wake up call…… anyhow, I stayed with it and got two of the post’s dug and set (turns out the second hole wasn’t any easier). Because they were going up in the path of the people coming in and out of the trailer, I shut it down for the morning about the time they started getting busy in the trailer prepping for the start of their day. Came back to the condo and sat on the couch and sucked up condition air for a bit before getting my shower. It was spooky how weak my arms and hands were…… I fully plan on being back up there in the morning to get the last two poles set —- guess I’ll use that as a ‘work out’ plan of sorts……. provided I can get out of bed in the morning……..  😉

Good night ya’ll — Thankx for stopping in~!




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Born in Germany as an Army brat - I moved permanently to the United States about the time I was ready to start school - Dad put to me to work when I turned 13 tearing off roofs and packing shingles.. I did that, DE tasseled corn and bucked hay all the way through high school. After graduation, moved down South for a year or so trying to figure what I wanted to do. Finally came home and joined the Air Force serving almost 5 years - which included a 3 year tour in Germany, where I met my Queen. Came home and started working as a roofer. Economy went to crap and I knew I would not be able to support my growing family the way I wanted to, so I pestered the HR department at General Electric until they hired me. A very quick almost 34 years, 4 Daughters and 9 Grandkids later - here I am .... waiting as patiently as I can, to start the next chapter of our life - romping around in the Caribbean Sea checking out the various islands that we have not been to yet. Holy $hit what a ride~!!!! ;-)

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