Lazy Sunday and food palooza……..

Actually slept in a little bit this morning rousing at a delightful 07:20…. woo-hoo~! Went through the normal routine of cigarettes, stretching, coffee and a big breakfast which took us out to almost 11:00. Really nice kind of morning and a great way to start any day. We managed to do slightly less than we did yesterday, which was a challenge in itself, as we did nothing yesterday — 😉  Hey, retired life can present some fun little challenges if you apply your self properly~~

We found a new series on Amazon Prime and started in on it. It is called Tin Star, and we wound up watching most of the first season today. It’s not bad, but not near as good as Justified was. That, and damn near everybody in the cast has an English accent or Irish brogue and we struggled to understand a lot of what they were saying, still interesting enough to sit through 11 episodes. Took a break between later episodes to grab a bit to eat ( you work up quite an appetite sitting there doing all that watching). My Queen made her some fish sticks and Mac-n-Cheese. I was mostly bloated from drinking (yea, we started that earlier in the day) – but my belly finally started insisting on something solid, so I went in and grabbed the remainder of the Mac-n-Cheese. It struck me that Mac-n-Cheese is one of the very few foods that I occasionally put ketchup on. (scrambled eggs is the other) As a general rule – I don’t like ketchup (big fan of mustard though) – but once in a long while — I like it on my scrambled eggs or Mac-n-Cheese ….and….about once every third blue moon – I’ll have some on a corn dog — dang – can’t believe I admitted that out loud………..

I don’t know what got me started on it – I guess the fact that I did indeed, just have scrambled eggs that morning with ketchup and now I was having Mac-n-Cheese with ketchup….. but the thought occurred to me —- next time we have some Mac-n-Cheese left over — I may have to save it and make me a Mac-n-Cheese omelet~! I like them both, so it should stand to reason I would like them combined ? I mean after all, I occasionally will drop some cheese on my scrambled eggs…… and then I got thinking… hey!  I have a cheeseburger left over from the other day — I could crumble it up inside my Mac-n-Cheese inside of my omelet and have a Mac-n-Cheeseburger omelet~!!  I’m terrible about mixing foods together to see what I can come up with – and this will be no exception~! One of the best things I have ever mixed with my scrambled eggs, is stuffing. You don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving to try it though, whip up a 5 minute box of Stove Top…. it works almost as good, and then blend some in with your scrambled eggs…… I think you’ll dig it.

Gonna leave with you right there and let you dwell on it a little bit while you look at pictures.  Good night ya’ll —- Thankx for stopping in~!

I don’t know why I can get the pictures to enlarge now….. Dammit Emmit~! I’ll keep working on it……..

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