Moving day [again]……….

Guten abend mein  (German for Good Evening) fellow peoples…… not sure how much of this I’m gonna get done. Writing this from our new abode….. 3rd place in about 6 weeks. No greeter – we walked in and am figuring the joint out for ourselves so far…… and one of the first things we are figuring out, is that internet service out here is probably gonna suck as bad as it did at the last place~! Being optimistic though…… I am about 3/4 sh*t faced and trying to figure that technical stuff out in this condition is probably not the best route to go – so tomorrow in the light of a new (sober) day – I may be able to figure something better out. Nice little place, perched 1/2 – 3/4 way up on a small mountain…. 3 bedroom, 2 bath….. huge yard…… if the owner would drop about $10K in upgrades they could get 3 x’s the money for it. Thankfully for us though, they haven’t done that yet and for the first time in 8+ months, we are staying some where under budget~!! Yay us~!!

I have snapped a couple of pictures, but only God knows if I’m gonna get them to load or not. I still have about half of the pictures from the last place that I haven’t loaded yet because of crappy internet….. (sorry about the no post thing last night – but it wouldn’t even let me log in)

So here we are — just outside of Frederiksted, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands…. it is quiet and dark way out here in the boonies……. we unloaded all our gear and set out in search of the closest bar/restaurant for a bite and a drink. We found one just a couple of minutes away…… and in true form…. I drank more than I ate…. probably not a good idea – but seemed like the thing to do at the time. My Queen had a big serving of mussels and I had Mahi bites for an appetizer and Snapper for my entrée…. delicious…. and this place knows how to make a drink…. wow….. So it all worked out, we ate, we drank, met several good people who all gave us ‘leads’ on possible housing and I managed to find my way back up the mountain to our new place.

Highlight of the evening was talking with a couple of family members who are making plans to come see us…. that just made my day – hell, possibly my week~~  : ))  My little Sister and my Cousin/Nephew [long story I’ll go into at some other time]…… can’t wait to see them and show them this beautiful island and some of our gathering places. No doubt in my bald headed mind they will absolutely fall in love with this place~! As would any of you others that want to come visit. We’ll pick you up at the airport, put you up, chauffer you around, show off our gorgeous island and make sure you have an absolute ball……. you won’t be able to help yourself – and it won’t be our fault if you want to move here~~

Gonna try and get some pictures up for you…. catch ya later — Thankx for stopping in~!!

Garage/smoking area

front yarrrrd  ( pirate speak)  😉

house  (and the bus)


Fan Coral / Lobster bush


Fan Coral  ; )

My Bride in the kitchen

Drinks to celebrate ~!

Our 2 new neighbors (don’t you wish you could chill like the one in the back??)

Villa Morales

HOTTT Stuff~!


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    1. Hi my Sugar Pop~! Me and Oma can’t hardly wait to see you~!!! You’re going to have sooooo much fun~!
      I Love You~

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