Condos and Jeeps………..

Got  up fairly early this morning in anticipation of going to see our possible new place to live…… had a couple cups of coffee and before you know it, was time to light out.  I wanted to leave a little early because we have found out (the hard way) that sometimes they shut down entire sections of road (for line work or clearing of brush) – and you occasionally have to drive all the way around the island to get to where you’re going. Kind of one of those “you can’t get there from here ” things…… As it turns out, no roads were closed, but a wrong turn put us on a stretch of road we had yet to travel. Pretty scenic little road that I come to find out was the South Shore road — some amazing scenery~! I didn’t get any pictures because I had to pay attention to where we were going (and get us back to where we were going)… and my travel companion [I won’t mention any names] is too busy gawking at the scenery to take pictures for me………   Anyhow – we wound up at our designated meeting place in plenty of time to meet a new realtor. She led us up a very steep driveway to the unit. Even though it is a ground floor unit, the balcony for the unit is about 20′ off the ground. Let that sink in a minute. It is planted on the side of a fairly steep mountain….. but let me tell you – when you walk in that front door……. that view….. butter my butt and call me a biscuit…..!!! WOW~!! Just plain ole WOW~!!! It just almost takes your breath away….. unfortunately – so did the condition of the condo. The place needs LOTS and LOTS of TLC……and LOTS and LOTS of updates. It’s not a bad little place, just hasn’t been taken care of in a lot of years — and they were asking $ 1700.00 a month for it~! Pretty sure I could get them down to probably $1400-$1500 a month – but still way too much for what we were looking at. The unit has a really nice pool and an Italian restaurant on the premises…. but still not worth the money…. even with the “million dollar” view….. Hopefully can get some pictures to load so you can see it.

Came back through town and stopped at Blues Backyard BBQ for a quick drink and a bite to eat…. Had a pulled pork sammich (excellent) and what turned into a half a dozen Budweiser’s…… Dammit Emmit how does that keep happening ??? 😉

Finally got out of there and stopped by the local auto dealer…. after much talk and walk – we found a nice little Jeep we both like — -took it for a test drive. Liked the way it handled, good and solid and in pretty nice shape inside and out – 2014 Jeep Wrangler…… a lot more money than what we want to spend…. but I think it will be a good fit for us under the conditions. They are gonna run it through the shop…. change oil, check it out. Need to replace the window crank on the passenger side and then give us a call tomorrow or Wednesday. They want $ 20,500.00 for it and from what I can find on line – that is a fairly reasonably price, but I obviously want to get it as cheap as I can….. so when we go to see it again…. the dance begins….. but I think we have us a Jeep~!!

Thankx for stopping in….. ya’ll come back now – ya’ hear~~
(Well – I had more pictures… but after almost half an hour of trying to get them to load — the hell with it)

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