Christmas Eve ‘eve’………..

Well, snorkeling Lac Bay did not materialize……. I don’t think either of us really felt like it, so we just lazed around the apartment watching sappy Lifetime Christmas movies. We did run out long enough to [finally] get the right filter for my camera and a shirt that I ordered that was due in. Tried the filter on to make sure it fit, tried on my shirt to make sure it fit, then ran past the local hardware store for a small extension cord for our Christmas Palm tree. Got the tree where I am happy with it now, and strung a small string of lights on our patio so we are all set for the Christmas holiday. My Bride and I agreed we are not doing gifts for each other this year as the last 3 months have been our gift….. and what a gift it has been. There have been some ups and downs (but mostly ups) but for the most part, the last 3 months of our lives have been almost perfect, living the Caribbean dream we have talked about for so long. As Christmas approaches, will we miss Christmas morning with all of our girls being there, along with Son-in-laws, and Grand Babies and the ensuing mass hysteria as presents are opened ? Absolutely! Will there be tears as we watch several times over, that madness (via face time and Marco Polo) Above average chance~! Will we wish we there ? Absolutely~! Will we regret our decision to live this lifestyle and be away from our family this year for the holidays ? With the forecast there for snow and below freezing  temperatures and 85* and sunshine here…eh, not so much  😉

Comfort improvement on the bed didn’t help so much…. so back to the drawing board there……

Spent a big part of the afternoon watching 2 large brown pelicans dive bombing for their meals along with a half dozen sea gulls. At times there are up to 4 of the pelicans. They have kind of adopted our little bay as their resident feeding area, so we have a show all day long. I think they know I secretly envy them and the way they swoop and soar, flying directly overhead, as almost taunting me with their flying abilities. Not to mention the one fair sized Hawks Bill turtle,  4 or 5 Snowy White Egrets, a couple of Yellow Shoulder Parrots, at least 2 different Iguana’s that patrol the deck up and down in front of the complex. Watched all of this and got to watch yet another amazing sunset….. hard  not to enjoy this lifestyle.

I’m gonna wrap it up here with the rest of the National  Park pictures, some of the Mangrove tour and some I took this afternoon. I have a 2 tank dive in the morning (SCUBA diving on Christmas Eve~!!!) and will get to try out my new filter on my camera. Hopefully will have some rockin’ pictures for you~~

Rest goed vanavond lieve mensen




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